About Us

Our Beliefs...

Seasons Shares Days

Food Bank Wednesdays

  • Provide our customers with a relaxing, friendly location to enjoy superior quality food or linger in conversation over a casual cup of coffee and fresh pastry.
  • Provide a quality dining experience. Eating is a sensory experience and we believe in creating cuisine that indulges all of your senses. Food = Art!
  • Quality is a process governed by countless decisions every day. These decisions are not random, but each are determined by our values and our beliefs. We strive to maintain quality that you can taste and see and feel by holding to our beliefs and by refusing to compromise even if we are the only ones to know what goes into each decision.
  • Meet the demands of those who crave healthy, delicious, locally-sourced food - proving that those items not only can go together, but should! Our Grandparents didn't sit around and talk about "local" and "seasonal". They ate what they grew or they knew where it came from. And it was good. Well, at least it was if you knew my Grandmother!
  • Take the idea of "locavore" to heart. We will maintain a garden on site at the restaurant that will provide fresh herbs, greens, and other fruits and vegetables to the kitchen. We are implementing an Aquaponics growing system to utilize to the best of our ability the limited resources available in the High Desert climate we live in. We will use the food scraps and coffee grounds to create or own compost to nourish the garden. Full circle.
  • Limit our dependence on industrial agriculture. We don't want to support a system that ships our food an average of 1,500 miles farm to table, at the expense of small, local farms. By purchasing locally and regionally, Seasons Cafe will support the local farmers, ranchers, and food producers in the area in order to build a network of mutually beneficial business relationships that help strengthen the local economy.
  • Foster a great team. Not just provide jobs but recruit talented, experienced, customer service focused employees and allow them to grow with us, learn new skills, and express their ideas.
  • Revitalize a building that has been sadly neglected for the last 13 years and work to make the Highway 50 gateway into Salida a more attractive, vibrant corridor.
  • Give back. We are donating a percentage of the cost of the food sold each season to a different charity. In addition, we encourage our employees to volunteer in the community and compensate them for their time. We also support and encourage our staff and our customers to support other locally owned businesses in the community.

Our Initiatives

At Seasons Cafe, we are committed to

"be the change".

We also hope that our efforts will provide an example and raise awareness that with each action we, and you, can have a greater impact.

We are committed to limit our carbon footprint wherever possible.

  • We recycle. Plastic, glass, cardboard, office paper, etc and buy high post consumer content supplies whenever possible. We have eliminated every bit of styrofoam

in the place.

  • We are in the process of migrating our cleaning supplies from the chemicals left behind for us to greener products.
  • We are migrating to all recycled and compostable 'to go' materials. Our large and small take out containers are compostable. For the rest, we are going to use up the

products that were part of the restaurant when we bought it. Anything other than that would be wasteful. But as they go, we will replace them with sustainable products.

This includes our napkins. NO MORE 100% pre-consumer bleached paper. We have cut some wonderful absorbent fabric squares that will match our seasonal decor.

  • We compost. We save all of our vegetable scraps and coffee grounds and they go into the on-site compost bin. What we have leftover we share with our friends.
  • It's an old building, so as appliances wear out, we are replacing them with EnergyStar compliant or other energy efficient equipment.
  • We pledge to perform regular maintenance on all the remaining equipment to ensure that it's functioning at it's highest efficiency.
  • As we make changes, we will make each one with Lean Management principles in mind. We will assess the waste in the process and initiate plans to reduce or eliminate it.
  • As most importantly, we will always be cognizant of how far our supplies and food had to travel to get to us and make smart decisions based on that information.